Rice Straw

Rice straw is the vegetative part of the rice plant (Oryza sativa L.), cut at grain harvest or after. It may be burned and left on the field before the next ploughing, ploughed down as a soil improver or used as a feed for livestock. Rice straw is a major forage in rice-producing areas. Rice straw is produced as a byproduct of rice production at harvest. Ratio of straw to paddy ranges from 0.7-1.4 depending on the variety and growth. Globally, roughly 800 to 1000 million terms per year of rice flour is produced, with about 600 to 800 million turns per year produced in Asia.

Rice straw has too few nutrients to be used as the only source of food for cattle but is a good feed additive and can also be treated to increase the supply of energy and protein. Rice straw can also be used for soil conditioning through composting and carbonization; as well as for bio-energy production and for materials recovery such as silica and bio-fiber (for industrial use).

Rice straw left on the field after harvest has been developed for a number of novel uses in recent years, from papermaking to biofuel.  Repurposing rice straw has the double benefit of clearing the field for the next harvest in an eco-friendly way and putting a vast resource that would otherwise go to waste to good use. Bales , are a useful tool to contractors, landscapers, and environmentalists.  Natural fibers of various kinds are packed into long square bales and laid out to control sediment and prevent soil erosion.  Acting as a kind of filter, Bales can protect water quality, maintain soil integrity, and reduce erosion and sediment runoff on long or steep slopes. Rice straw is uniquely qualified for this job.  It doesn’t contain many weed seeds, like hay bales or wheat straw does, and because rice is an aquatic plant it is more resistant to mold than other straws and breaks down more slowly.


Modernization is a core value at AgrigrowPK. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to overseeing every step of the Alfalfa hay production process, employing cutting-edge methods to ensure superior quality, making us one of the finest Alfalfa suppliers in the market. Our reach extends to various international markets, including UAE, Central Asia, Europe, and Korea. We are known for serving trusted and premium quality products globally, establishing our reputation as a reliable and reputable supplier.


At AgrigrowPK, we prioritize the best-suited packaging for Alfalfa hay, especially for export purposes, and opt for bales as the preferred choice. We understand that exporters find bales to be the most efficient packaging option, and we adhere to the same approach at our facilities. Our Alfalfa hay prices in Pakistan are configured based on these bale sizes, and we offer three different types of bales to meet diverse customer requirements.

Alfalfa Hay

Our modern farming practices at Agrigrowpk incorporate a comprehensive approach to ensure the highest standards of quality and efficiency. We rely on imported hybrid seeds, carefully chosen to maximize the potential of this grass. Partnering with Farm Dynamics in Pakistan, we embrace cutting-edge technologies, including ultra-modern harvesting machinery, to streamline our operations and achieve optimal results. Every step of our modern processing involves meticulous planning and execution.

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