Rhodes Grass Hay

Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana) is a highly valuable, perennial grass that thrives in tropical and subtropical regions, including Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. This summer-growing grass spreads through stolons, providing excellent soil cover that aids in erosion control, making it an ideal choice for farmers and land managers.

Primarily used for animal fodder, Rhodes grass is commonly harvested and dried as hay for livestock, including cattle, horses, goats, and sheep. Smaller domesticated animals like rabbits and guinea pigs also benefit from this nutritious forage.

One of the significant advantages of Rhodes grass hay is its low oxalate content, measuring around 2.5 to 3 g/kg. This makes it safe for consumption, as it eliminates concerns related to Bighead Disease. Additionally, Rhodes grass hay is consistently low in starch and sugar, making it a reliable and healthy feed option.

Rhodes grass proves to be a highly productive and valuable forage for both pasture and hay production. In Pakistan, it holds a prominent position as a top-quality forage, and the country’s Rhodes grass exporters have grown to become significant players in the global market. This export growth enhances the overall cultivation and yield per acre of Rhodes grass in Pakistan, solidifying its position as a leading supplier worldwide.

Deal in Natural Products

At the core of our identity lies trust, purity, and unparalleled quality. AgrigrowPK is renowned for its excellence, and this ethos extends to every step of our Rhodes Grass Hay production and export. Our primary objective is to deliver the very best, consistently adhering to the principles of all-natural goodness. With AgrigrowPK, you can rest assured that your trust in us fuels our passion for providing you with exceptional products, setting new standards for quality and dependability.

Own farms

At AgrigrowPK, we are committed to producing all of our Rhodes grass hay naturally, without the use of harmful chemical substances. Our approach to pesticides leans more towards natural alternatives, reducing reliance on synthetic options. The result is a premium Rhodes grass hay, free from impurities, making it one of the finest choices available in the market.

Modern Farming

Our modern farming practices at Agrigrowpk incorporate a comprehensive approach to ensure the highest standards of quality and efficiency. We rely on imported hybrid seeds, carefully chosen to maximize the potential of this grass. Partnering with Farm Dynamics in Pakistan, we embrace cutting-edge technologies, including ultra-modern harvesting machinery, to streamline our operations and achieve optimal results. Every step of our modern processing involves meticulous planning and execution.

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